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Geneva for Human Rights – 2022 – Internship Programme (IFP) – COVID-19. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, we may accept less interns than usual. We will update our policy along with the Swiss health regulations. In principle, our internships run for a period of three months and are full-time. However, for students in Geneva, we try to be flexible and we accept that they continue to follow 2-3 courses a week.  Information on our internships and fellowship programme. In 2022, our two rounds of volunteer internships run respectively: Winter-Spring 2022 and Fall 2022.

we thank you for your understanding as our site is under transformation. final version  soon.


Through training, study and protection, GHR aims to bridge the gaps between international standards and realities and to empower all those involved in the promotion and protection of human rights.

Our Core Activities

Monitor meetings, analyze trends,  informs trainers and partners & prepare GHR’s brainstorming sessions and Expert Seminars.

Geneva Courses during HRC sessions, In-Country Courses in-between the Council’s sessions, Courses & Briefings during the Universal Periodic Review.

‘Implementation Now’, develop national capacities, facilitate and enforce  implementation, share and teach strategies at Regional and National level.

Our Main Projects and Programs

GHR’s initiative to increase the number of ratifications is strengthened by GHR’s’ WG on Enforced Disappearance. One of the aim of the project is to advocate and engage states for a universal ratification within ten years’.’

GHR has a specific ‘West Papua Human Rights Project’. This training project is part of GHR Implementation Programme  and Indigenous Peoples Projects and  aims at supporting strategies for implementation and protection.


Implementation Now Programe:  strengthening national empowerment to facilitate the implementation of human rights at all level‘ -‘assess progresses & set-backs to bridge the gaps’



The aim of this project is to foster true knowledge, spur reliable expertise and induce positive change on the issue of the survival, protection and promotion of Indigenous Peoples over the world.

‘ GHR Draft Outline Series ‘ – 2018

available upon request

‘ GHR Background Paper Series ‘ – 2017

available upon request

‘ GHR Outline Series ‘
– 2017

available upon request

Intern & Fellow

The Human Rights Policies Studies (HPS) Department supports all GHR training activities.

It monitors international negotiations, covers all meetings of United Nations Human Rights bodies, analyzes the main trends, and informs our trainers and partners in the field.

Logically, HPS is entrusted with the preparation of GHR brainstorming sessions and Expert Seminars.

Courses & Trainings

GHR Global Training Department has set up training programmes.

The Geneva Courses and Seminars during the WG on UPR and the HRC are part of the Programme on the participation of Human Rights Defenders to the HR-Council.

The Specific Experts Seminars are prepared by our HPS Department, which is composed of fellows and students from several universities.

Seminars & Briefings

As a training centre, Geneva for Human Rights – Global Training has to promote monitoring, analysis and reflection.

Thus, it regularly convenes in Geneva lectures venues and brainstorming sessions on the main issues dealt with by the Human Rights Council and its satellite organs.

Groups of diplomats, scholars, civil servants and defenders are invited to attend GHR brainstorming sessions.