About Us


Through training, study and protection, GHR aims to bridge the gap between international standards and realities and to empower all those involved in the promotion and protection of human rights.
Our Global Training Department conducts each year dozens of Courses and Seminars in Geneva and in the regions.

All GHR training activities are designed to contribute to Human Rights implementation in the countries. Moreover GHR has specific country programs.
Our Department of Human Rights Policy Studies monitors UN human rights meetings. It studies the main trends in the multilateral negotiations, and constitutes a basic support to our training activities. The department also convenes regularly experts seminars on priority issues for Human Rights defenders from the Regions.



GHR conducts Geneva Courses at each session of the Human Rights Council, and In-Country Courses in-between the Council’s sessions (on the proceedings and procedures of the Council and on implementation strategies in the countries).
Since December 2008, GHR also conduct training courses and briefings during each session of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review.
In-Country and In-Region Courses regularly take place in the field. They are prepared together with partner organizations, and focus on the mandates, proceedings and developments in the Council and its mechanisms, the special procedures, the UPR, the Treaty Bodies, and the strategies. These Courses address the specific local, national and regional situations.



GHR has also a specific program to contribute to the realisation of human rights inside countries. Entitled ‘Strengthening national empowerment to facilitate the implementation of human rights at national level’, this programme’s main objective is, through training, mediation, advisory services and teaching strategies, to contribute to the national implementation process.



The Department HPS constitutes the hard core of GHR activities. It is an indispensable support to our training programs. It monitors international human rights negotiations and covers  U.N. human rights meetings; it analyses the main trends and developments and quickly inform our trainers and our main partners in the field.



To sensitize actors at the HR-Council on such issues, GHR convened since 2009  Expert Seminars in Geneva on Caste Discrimination (2009), International Humanitarian Law (September 2010, June 2011), Trends in the HR-Council (March 2011), Transitional Justice (September 2011), Minorities (November 2011), Enforced Disappearances (Nov. 2012, Nov. 2013, September 2014), Religious Freedom (December 2012, June 2015), Business and Human Rights (May and December 2013, December 2014, June 2015), the Anniversary of the World Conference (June 2013) International Criminal Law (May 2014),  Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression (March 2016), Freedom of Religion or Belief and Sexuality (June 2016) and Religions, Conflicts and Minorities (Padova, September 2015 ) , ‘Enforced Disappearances – Strengthening Prevention And Protection (March 2017),  On Indigenous Peoples – Implementing The Un Declaration (March 2017), on ‘Indigenous Peoples – Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)’ (July 2018).