Internship & Fellowship Programme – HPS IFP


In 2024, we welcome interns as follows: from 19th of February 2024 to 12th of July 2024 as well as form 2nd of September to 29th of November 2024..
Applications form should be sent with a CV and a letter of motivation:
 before 17 February 2024 (for the Winter-Spring 2024 Semester)
 or before 21 August 2024 (for the Fall 2024 Semester).

The Human Rights Policy Studies Department  permanently has a multidisciplinary and international team. GHR recruits non-paid interns and welcome applications from students and graduates in international relations, international law, human rights, political science and economics, who are motivated in the promotion and protection of human rights and social justice.

Preference is given to post-graduate students in law, human rights and international relations, to long-term interns (3-6 months) and to the candidates coming from universities and research centers, with whom GHR has signed contracts or Memorandum of Understandings.

GHR ensures that its interns and fellows are trained during their stay with the organization. Interns and fellows participate in the Geneva Courses conducted during their internship with GHR. Each week, interns, fellows and other members of the HPS team receive a briefing from GHR trainers on the main features and developments of the human rights meetings they are monitoring.

GHR established partnerships with universities and research centres and recruit  up to 20 interns each year.

Documents to apply for an internship:

GHR_IFP_2022 GHR-Internship 2022 Application Form

GHR_IFP_2022 Presentation Internships Programme GHR 2022

Geneva for Human Rights – Global Training (GHR) is an International Association under Swiss law, Through training, study and advocacy, GHR empowers and strengthens the work of all those involved in the promotion and protection of human rights, in particular human rights NGOs and defenders.

Our main activity is our Global Training Programme, with Courses in Geneva and in the regions. We teach the U.N. human rights system and the use of international procedures. Our
Human Rights Policy Studies (HPS) supports all our training activities.

In principle, our internships run for a period of three months and are full-time. However, we try to be flexible for students in Geneva. We accept that they continue to follow 2-3 courses a week at their university/institute, except during our Geneva Courses (see hereafter).

All GHR internships are voluntary (unpaid). GHR has no funding. Interns have to cover themselves the costs associated with their internship (travel, accommodation, living expenses). GHR offers all its interns a specific training on the U.N. bodies and the human rights procedures.

In 2020, 2021 and 2022, the HPS team monitored all the ordinary and special sessions of the HR-Council and its mechanisms, treaty bodies and the briefings organized by OHCHR. The Department drafted analytical summaries of the UN sessions and compilations for GHR Courses. HPS also issued documentation kits for the Geneva Courses.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation we may accept less interns than usual. We will update our policy along with the Swiss health regulations.

GHR Intern's at a HR Policies Studies Department meeting
GHR Interns at a HR Policies Studies Department meeting: sharing tips on monitoring the UN HR bodies sessions.


GHR Trainees and Interns at a 'Geneva Course' during the HR-Council session
GHR Trainees and Interns at a ‘Geneva Course’ during the HR-Council session









Origin of our Fellows and Interns team members:

Interns from the Regions:
Malaysia, India, Palestine, .
Interns from ‘Northern countries’:
Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland.

Interns from the Regions:
Colombia, Mexico, Palestine, Kazakhstan.
Interns from ‘Northern countries’:
Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Albania, the Netherlands, 

Interns from the Regions:
Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, Hawai, Colombia, Uruguay-Switzerland, Nigeria, Botswana, Mexico.
Interns from ‘Northern countries’:
Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Canada.

Interns from the Regions:
Singapore, Mali, Kenya, India, Brazil, Congo Brazzaville, USA, Ukraine.
Interns from ‘Northern countries’:
Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, France, Turkey, Sweden-Switzerland, Germany.

Interns from the Regions:
Brazil, India, Cape Verde, South Korea Azerbaijan, Cameroon Congo-DRC, India, Lebanon.
Interns from ‘Northern countries’:
Italia, Germany, Ireland, USA, France, Poland, Switzerland.

Interns from the Regions:
South Korea, China, Mexico-USA, Turkey-France, Poland.
Interns from ‘Northern countries’:
Spain, Switzerland, Canada-USA, Italy, Ireland, USA, Germany, France.