‘The Protection Roles of Human Rights NGOs’ Book , Edited by Bertrand Ramcharan , Rachel Brett, Ann Marie Clark, and Penny Parker

The Protection Roles of Human Rights NGOs

Essays in Honour of Adrien-Claude Zoller

Series: International Studies in Human Rights, Volume: 140

This book focuses, for the first time ever, on the protection roles of human rights NGOs since the establishment of the United Nations and the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It also looks at how NGOs are responding to future challenges such as artificial Intelligence, robots in armed conflicts, digital threats, and the protection of human rights in outer space. Written by leading NGO human rights practitioners from different parts of the world, it sheds light on the multiple roles of the leading pillar of the global human rights movement, the Non-Governmental Organizations.

“This is a rich and wonderful production, a great magnum opus that will continue to test the scrutiny of all times”
Professor Theo van Boven, Professor Emeritus Law, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.See more from Brill’s website